To counter your Electoral College statement, the purpose of it is to prevent someone from rising to power simply on popularity…how does the term President J Lo sound to you?? or President Bieber?Where do we get the idea that we are a democratic government. Canada Goose malmö The founding of our government is a representative republic. Democracies are mob rule! Is the Electoral College obsolete? No it still allows for small voices to make a difference. The only democratic form of government is the Congress where the majority rule on legislation. It is true the powers of the President and Judiciary have taken on increased powers, this only because we the people have allowed it. You want to limit congress and Senate to term limits, then vote them out to have that power.

All budgets must be balanced with a declared state of war being the only exception. If we need additional revenue that ALL Americans will be assessed a surcharge to go along with the income tax they pay with the mandated proviso that ALL Americans pay something. Just as there is a minimum tax to be sure that the wealthy pay something, there will be a minimum tax to be sure that everyone pays at least something–no exceptions Many viewers passionately opposed corporations donating to politicians or political campaigns.The most crucial and important amendment that needs to be added to the Constitution is the abolishment of money given to our politicians (congressmen/Senators) by Corporations. They ”buy” their vote by donating a tremendous amount of money to their campaign thus electing them.Canada Goose malmö In other words, Corporations run our country. This leads to America being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Just recently the Supreme Court voted to allow Corporations to donate as much money as they want to those creeps. Is that the America that we want?

You can not limit the terms of supreme court justices because the whole reason that they are supposed to be in the supreme court forever is that they do not have to fall in to a political party. They are supposed to use un baised. Canada Goose malmö Now i know that is not true but you can not take powers away from them that they have had since 1787…For more discussion of the U.S. Constitution, Fareed Zakaria is joined by CNN’ssenior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin this coming Sunday at 10am ET/PT on GPS. Also, next week the cover story of TIME Magazine asks of the Constitution, ”Does it still matter?”  There will undoubtedly be lots of debate surrounding this issue. Looking forward to more lively discussion on the Global Public Square.