The most crucial and important amendment that needs to be added to the Constitution is the abolishment of money given to our politicians (congressmen/Senators) by Corporations. They ”buy” their vote by donating a tremendous amount of money to their campaign thus electing them. In other words, Corporations run our country. This leads to America being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Just recently the Supreme Court voted to allow Corporations to donate as much money as they want to those creeps. Is that the America that we want?Prohibit non-individual money from elections. We need to level the playing field to have real democracy, not some corporatocracy.Something needs to be done about this idiotic and insane idea that corporations should EVER be able to donate ANY amount of money to any campaign, incumbent, or frankly any political agenda whatsoever… Corporations are NOT people. And the people that run them will pretty much always vote for whatever makes them the most money.One of the more creative recommendations came from a Facebook fan:             

True separation of government and religion. No tax dollars can go to any university, church, or organization that ties religion in anyway to their services. Example: Brigham Young University –simply gov. money cannot go to a university that promotes religionThere were many viewers that wanted to term limits in place, particularly for Congress and the Supreme Court.The first thing I would do is increase the terms of members of the House of Representatives to four years. Two years is exactly enough time to win an election and then start running for reelection. its a joke.


We seem to be morphing into a judicial dictatorship of minority rule. Might we limit federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, to a single term of three years?A guaranteed right to free and unrestricted internet. Just like the right to bare arms have helped topple or prevent repressive regimes, the internet is the new tool to keep the governments of the people , by the people, for the people.