In accordance with the Audit and Finance Committee’s recommendation, Deloitte is proposed as auditor in Castellum for a one-year term of office until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2018. If the Annual General Meeting resolves to elect Deloitte as auditor, Deloitte has announced that the current authorised auditor in the company, Hans Warén, will be the main responsible auditor at Deloitte.

Authorisation for the Board of Directors to resolve to acquire and transfer the company’s own shares until the next Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

A new Election Committee shall be established in preparation for the Annual General Meeting 2018. For this purpose the Chairman of the Board of Directors will contact the three largest ownership registered or otherwise known share­holders as per the last share trading day in August 2017 and to invite them to each appoint one member of the Election Committee. The names of the members of the Election Committee shall be made public no later than six months prior to the next Annual General Meeting.