4 Excellent Choices For Restaurants In Columbus OH

Arch City and its restaurants await you. How many restaurants do you think are in Columbus? Currently, there are 1867 according to a travel site I use. You can imagine that before long, that number is going to be 2000. Would you like to know some of the best places to stop by when you are looking for restaurants in Columbus OH?

Mitchell’s Ocean Club gives itself away in terms of being a great place to get some seafood. Yet, it’s all about the steak there, too. This steakhouse is your surf and turf location when that’s what is on your mind for dinner. Mitchell’s Ocean Club is found at 4002 Easton Street, and the butter cake is a hit there, too. As for one of the recommendations off of the menu, people talk highly of the blackened snapper.

Located off of North High Street is a place called Mozart’s. According to the menu highlights, the restaurant features some really unique selections. It’s not only a great place to enjoy a meal, but it is a wonderful place to grab dessert. Is it time to enjoy some goulash and pastries? One other great thing about this restaurant is it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner? You’re always going to find a great meal at Mozart’s.

Lavash Cafe is a hit, too, and it’s also on North High Street. Have you ever noticed when looking at the top restaurants in a city that you can often find a central location for many of them? Lavash Cafe is known for its Turkish coffee, vegetarian combo, baklava and more. They had me at the Turkish coffee, how about you?

Another cool cafe in Columbus is Northstar Cafe. I have an affinity for cafes, so I have highlighted two of them for you in this article. Do I have to tell you where Northstar Cafe is located? You already know it’s time to look more closely at North High Street when searching out the best meal in Columbus OH. Order up the cowboy breakfast or some brunch at this wonderful cafe.

That’s 4 great stops that you and your family can make when it’s time to eat in Columbus OH. That one restaurant that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert sounds like a plan. Of course they all sound like a plan. You’re hungry, and it’s time to get something good to eat.