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Barack Obama has succeeded in preserving and even enhancing U.S. influence in this world precisely because he has recognized these new forces at work. He has traveled to the emerging nations and spoken admiringly of their rise. He replaced the old Western club and made the Group of 20 the central decision-making forum for global economic […]

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The U.S. Treasury and the U.S. Federal Reserve have got a pretty good job responding to the financial crisis. It’s always easy to do Monday morning quarterbacking, but what they were concerned about was a situation that looked very much like the Great Depression. The drop in global GDP was actually as great as during […]

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America at the time consisted of 13 states. Congress had 26 senators and 65 representatives. The entire population was about one percent of today’s number – four million people.America was an agricultural society, with no industry – not even cotton gins. The flush toilet had just been invented.These were the circumstances under which this document […]

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We take a lot for granted about the way the world looks today – the widespread freedom, the unprecedented global prosperity (even despite the current economic crisis), and the absence of war among great powers.In 1941 there were only a dozen democracies in the world. Today there are more than 100. For four centuries prior […]

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A recurring theme of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s attacks on President Barack Obama has been that America’s stature in the world has declined under Obama’s stewardship. In January, after winning the New Hampshire primary, Romney charged that “(Obama) believes that America’s role as leader in the world is a thing of the past.” In […]

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And should it become clearer to everyone that Syria is starting to pose a real and urgent threat — not only to regional security but also to international security and U.S. strategic interests — inaction on the part of the president will have its political costs, too.You can already anticipate the fierce debate and political circus in […]

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Now, there, too, Ryan’s plan is simply unrealistic. The theory behind it is that if individuals have to pay for their health care, they will shop carefully and drive down costs. It’s a good theory, but in health care, a huge part of the expenses relate to a small percentage of sick patients and to […]

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Ashton Carter, the President’s nominee to be the next defense secretary, is a brilliant man. But by far the best quality he has going for him is that he seems to understand the need to rein in a Pentagon now so out of control that it is difficult to fully comprehend or even explain.The largest […]

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Many problems remain–chiefly high and persistent unemployment and stagnant wages. For the next generation of growth, we must focus on training and retraining workers, break the immigration deadlock, build out our infrastructure and invest in science and technology. We also need reforms that will make our entitlement programs affordable as we age. If Washington could […]

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Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, for example, has publicly hit out at Netanyahu and Barak for spending three billion dollars on “adventurous fantasies” and “military delusions” for operations that “will never be carried out.” Yet such investment serves not only to build the capability to use force, but also conveys a willingness to use it. […]